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Getting enough healthy sunlight? Wearing SunSprite will let you know

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Getting enough sunshine during the day is an important part of your health and can even help with mental well-being. The tough part is knowing if you actually got enough solar rays in a given day. Enter SunSprite: A wearable sunlight tracking device that just crossed its Indiegogo funding goal of $50,000 and still has 29 days to go.

SunSprite is a pretty simple device because it clips on to your clothing or a bag in a number of ways and there’s no need to plug it in. Since the device is tracking sunlight, it only makes sense to have it run completely on solar power. It doesn’t need much juice either. The SunSprite can run for a week after just a few minutes of sunshine.

In keeping with the theme of simplicity, SunSprite uses low-powered LED lights as a type of meter to show you how much sunlight you’ve been exposed to. The more LEDs that light up, the closer you are to the recommended amount of sunshine. You can also get additional data from the SunSprite app for iOS(s aapl) and the team says than an Android(s goog) version is in the works.

sunsprite app

The earlybird discount for SunSprite is long gone but you still have nearly a month to support the project and get the wearable when it arrives in mid-2014. One SunSprite costs $99 while you can get a pair for $189 to save $10. There are also discount packages with more SunSprites for families and teams.

3 Responses to “Getting enough healthy sunlight? Wearing SunSprite will let you know”

  1. Wearing sunglasses greatly dilutes or even negates the positive effects of bright light since the photosensitive cells in the back of the eye that are reactive to light won’t get “enough” with the light blocking glasses on.

    • Steve Kuker

      Thank you so much for the the answer Dr. Olds, you are really on to something positive here with SunSprite and hope you have much success.