Facebook tells us how we talk about each other


As it has been doing a lot of lately, the Facebook data science team released another study on Friday highlighting a particular facet of the social science treasure trove that is its collection of wall posts. It might be cool to see this kind of data in the hands of non-corporate researchers, but it’s still interesting to see things like how polarized political parties are or how much more positive women seem toward each other than men. Also, “Damn Canadians!”

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Diane Hargreaves Talbot

My guess is that this is skewed by NHL Hockey fans everywhere who talk about the team Montreal Canadians, which is always very good and most teams’ nemesis!


Shows how at a basic level people resort to stereotypes way too often, though I would have liked to see more in-depth and query-able data.

Martin Siegel

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Hi Martin

The comment was in reference to the data (in the article) and by no means personal to you.

Martin Siegel

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Best Wishes,

Martin Siegel

Well Put.
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There is a lot of bias with facebook comments stats because it doesn’t sufficiently cover the motives of commenters. Not everyone uses facebook to express their opinions and when they do, it’s not always honest. Many that do may be reacting to some press event, which is biased in itself. You never see a facebook blog “Mother of two takes kids to hockey practice for the fourth year in a row!” followed by a barrage of comments “Great Canadian hockey mom!”. It is also a vehicle for harassment, bullying, and luring. It can be a useful indicator at growing cultural trends however; when one looks at this sort of data, seeing it as a social snapshot is an over exaggeration. It’s a snapshot of what people are likely to post on facebook, not necessarily what the global population people actually thinks.

Martin Siegel

, Well Put!
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phil young

Derek the sad thing about this data collection is that it makes BIG BROTHER a ant hill compared to what is going on here.


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