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Twitch’s latest SDK enables broadcasting for mobile games

Be prepared for an endless onslaught of live Flappy Bird runs, because livestream gaming website Twitch announced a new SDK Wednesday that enables users to stream their mobile games onto its website.

The SDK lets gamers not only capture the audio and video of games, but also activate the front camera to broadcast while playing. Users can adjust audio and broadcast quality, and archive videos for search on Twitch’s site. It’s essentially the broadcaster’s companion to the Twitch mobile viewing app — which, according to the company, just passed its 10 millionth install, split between iOS(s aapl) and Android(s goog). 

Mobile gaming is a big part of gaming at large, so it’s no surprise that Twitch will pursue broadcasting on phones the way it has for next-generation consoles. The outlet will also add to the already robust engagement and participation metrics the company has seen in its rapid rise, opening the service to a completely new kind of user.

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