FreedomPop starts selling an encrypted mobile phone


Capitalizing on the growing angst over privacy in today’s surveillance state, virtual operator FreedomPop has started selling a smartphone that routes all data traffic over a secure VPN and uses 128-bit encryption for VoIP calls and IP messaging. The device, which FreedomPop has dubbed the “Snowden Phone,” is actually a Samsung Galaxy S2 loaded with security software from Private Communications Corporation, which FreedomPop is pairing with a 500 MB, unlimited talk and text plan for $10 a month. Customers can change phone numbers as often as they like and even pay for the phone and service anonymously with Bitcoin.



i do not really see it appropriate to sell this online. these really need to be in a store where they can be bought for cash


But to get coverage information, you have to give up your email and street address. So much for protecting privacy.

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