Looks like the Samsung Chromebook 2 will have faux leather trim


Another detail about a potential Samsung Chromebook 2 leaked out this weekend. Based on an image from industry insider @evleaks the refreshed model will have the same faux leather trim and stitching Samsung uses on some of its tablets and phones.

This is the second mention of a Samsung Chromebook 2 as earlier in the week, an online retailer started to take pre-orders for the device. The listing quickly disappeared after news of it broke. A pair of new Chromebooks(s goog) are expected, one with Samsung’s Exynos chip and one likely to have an Intel(s intc) Haswell-based Celeron processor.

We discuss the developments and need for Samsung to refresh its Chromebook line on this week’s Chrome Show podcast. Tune in below or download the show here to tune in for that info and to hear more apps for your Chromecast, what’s new in Chrome 33 and what Bluetooth 4.0 host support in Chrome OS will bring.

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