Check out this cool mobile story-telling app from a team of cloud superstars


If you like sharing photos or videos or following friends on Twitter or Facebook, you should check out Steller — something its creators at startup Mombo Labs call a “trivially simple” way to create multipage, mixed-media stories to share.

Say you go to the beach or a World Series Game, Steller lets you capture video, photos, add text and tell the story of your day — all on your iPhone.

And Steller itself has a pretty great back story. It’s the latest project by Mark Lucovsky — former star engineer at Microsoft, Google, and VMware. When he left VMware in September 2013, he was secretive about his plans but he did say he would be a “customer of cloud, not a maker.” And so he is. The cloud in Steller’s case is Heroku.

Lucovsky and colleagues Vadim Spivak (who built a little thing called BOSH) and Richard McAniff (both also VMware vets) have built a way for users to easily create and share narratives on their iPhones. Karen Poole leads the visual design of the product.

Click on the image below for a little test drive.



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