Why NSA-gate is good news/bad news for Sqrrl

If the product you’re selling is a NoSQL database and services built atop technology with roots in the National Security Agency — is that a good or a bad thing when it comes to sales calls? Actually, it can be a little of both, said Ely Kahn, co-founder and VP of business development for Sqrrl, which finds itself in exactly that situation. Listen to this week’s Structure Show ot hear why.

Also, Derrick Harris talks about IBM’s purchase of Cloudant, the CouchDB-based database as a service that could be key to helping IBM compete better with AWS and its cloudy database services. Also, a bit on the business intelligence gold rush we’re seeing. So listen up, it’s a data-intensive Structure Show! Oh and we don’t sing the OpenStack Theme song. I swear!

Ely Kahn, co-founder and vp of biz dev for Sqrrl.
Ely Kahn, co-founder and vp of biz dev for Sqrrl.


Hosts: Barb Darrow and Derrick Harris

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