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First look at the Mohu Channels, a connected TV tuner for cord cutters (video)

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Mohu is known for its stylish TV antennas, but with its new Channels device, it’s going one step further and combining over-the-air with online video. Check out a first look below:

Show notes for this episode:

Would you be interested in a device like Mohu Channels? If so, what kind of features would it need to have? Let us know in the comments below, get in touch with us on Twitter (@cordcutters) or email us at cordcutters @ Also, please check out our Google+ Cord Cutters community!

7 Responses to “First look at the Mohu Channels, a connected TV tuner for cord cutters (video)”

  1. Hello:

    IMO until it has recording capabilities like the Simple.TV and can output and be used on non-digital NTSC TV’s this device is not worth it. Since it is HDMI only, most/all newer TV sets have built-in ATSC/QAM tuners so the tuner isn’t really that “spectacular” of a feature. You are just getting your OTA through the tuner into a fancy GUI. Think of this as an existing Android TV stick with integrated tuner but HDMI only. You can buy an Android TV device for a fraction of the cost without spending extra for a “redundant” tuner.

    It would allow to upgrade an HDMI computer monitor to a “Smart TV”, I suppose but that is not the intended use/market for this device.

    If it could be connected to older TV’s and record it could be used as an enhanced digital TV converter box with PVR but the current HW doesn’t seem to allow for this.

    • It may be DOA, but why do you say that?

      The one thing that does cause me some doubts is that he said the price on KS is a discount. I paid $89 on KS. If the price is much over $100, it probably is DOA. The Roku 3 can be had for $65-$100. Refurbs were available on Woot! for $65 earlier this week and new ones are available on Amazon for as low as $90 right now. Apple TVs can be had at similar price points. The integrated tuner adds some value, but not a lot.

  2. I sponsored this via Kickstart at the $89 level. I look forward to getting one in June and attaching it to my Mohu Sky in the attic and my living room TV. I already have that TV connected directly to the Mohu Sky antenna, a Roku 3 (which in turn has access to a Simple.TV v.1), an Apple TV 3, and a Samsung BluRay/DVD player.

    I look forward to seeing if this product is worth the price.

    Hopefully, this will serve as a wake up call to the folks at Roku that they need to add a tuner and EPG to their next generation box, along with web browsing capabilities, supporting both HTLM5 and Flash. Getting rid of the need for a couple of remotes and the ability to get web videos directly, rather than through PC servers like Plex or PlayOn is a huge advance.