Amazon teams up with BBC to revive Ripper Street drama

Fans of canceled TV shows just got one potential savior: Amazon (S AMZN) is reviving Ripper Street, a BBC show that the broadcaster decided to cancel in December. The deal will give Amazon’s Prime Instant streaming service an exclusive window for the show’s third season, according to BBC News. A few months after that, the BBC is going to air the season to its viewers. Both Amazon and the BBC will contribute to the Ripper Street’s production costs, with filming set to begin in May.

This isn’t the first time a TV show has been brought back from the dead by an online video service. Netflix (S NFLX) made a big splash when it revived Arrested Development for a fourth season, and the video service also secured the rights for a final season of the AMC show The Killing.

Amazon has thus far abstained from reviving canceled shows and instead bet on its own original programming, and it doesn’t look as if it will change its approach any time soon. However, the company’s statement on the matter should give fans of cancelled TV shows just enough to keep them hoping for the impossible. From the BBC News story:

“Similar deals of its kind are not expected to follow. However, Amazon’s Tim Leslie said if audiences loved a cancelled show and wanted to bring it back, they would consider it.”