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Plex adds music, pictures and multiscreen fanciness to Chromecast

Media center app Plex added a bunch of additional functionality to its Chromecast integration this week: In addition to videos, Plex users can now also cast pictures and music to the TV screen. Plex also improved video playback for Chromecast, and finally added a nifty new content browsing feature that mirrors information about the media in your Plex library to the TV screen. However, Chromecast support is still only available to paying PlexPass subscribers.

3 Responses to “Plex adds music, pictures and multiscreen fanciness to Chromecast”

  1. ifyoucare

    Any idea when will Plex Chromecast come out of its ‘Plex Pass Only’ tag. This is a ridiculously long beta time. Avia another app that intends to do the same charges a one time 3$ for life long streaming from Networked servers and hand held devices. Plex charged me 5$ for the Android app and expects me to shell out another 5$ every month all just to stream my own content on my own TV using my own Chromecast. Ridiculousness!!! I agree they are good and all that, but this is putting up its price big time. Come on Plex don’t be evil!

    • Wyatt C. Lewis

      $75 is great deal for lifetime plex pass. there’s far more features than the chromecast beta. they are far from evil. they are putting together a great product that lets you sync and play your library on any device, anywhere in the world.