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Parallels teams up with Flexiant to take on vCloud Director

Flexiant, the British provider of cloud orchestration tools for telcos and other service providers, wants to push into the United States. Here’s something that could help it achieve that aim and more: the company has partnered up with Parallels, a global specialist in the service provider space, in a deal that should vastly extend Flexiant’s market reach.

The deal makes Parallels a global reseller of the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, it will introduce support for Parallels Cloud Server to the product, and it lets Parallels offer a full package for setting up infrastructure-as-a-service that is completely hypervisor-agnostic.

“They’ve got 10,000 customers in the service provider space,” Flexiant CEO George Knox told me, pointing out that most of Flexiant’s customers are Parallels virtualization customers too.

“We see this as a match made in heaven,” he continued. “… Parallels has never sold a multi-hypervisor product before; it’s always been based on their own virtualization technology. This really enhances some of their products, but it also opens them up to be competing in the VMware(s vmw), KVM, Hyper-V(s msft) space. It’s a gamechanger for both companies.”

Indeed, the partnership should help Parallels offer something to take on vCloud Director, and help Flexiant up the expansion stakes in its battle against OnApp at the lower end of the service provider market.

It turns out Flexiant and Parallels have been quietly working on this tie-in, which involves a fair amount of integration, for the last 18 months. According to Knox, Flexiant’s recent introduction of plug-ins for Orchestrator was key from an integration perspective: “If you use APIs you can still do it, but it takes a bit longer, you have to change things in the kernel and do a lot more testing.”

Flexiant’s integration with Parallels and its APS automation system is available now, and integration with Parallels Cloud Server will come in the second quarter of this year, Knox said.