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SanDisk introduces world’s largest 128GB microSD card

SanDisk just doubled the maximum capacity of the microSD card. The company on Monday announced the 128GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I memory card, the world’s largest-capacity microSD card. That’s twice the size of the 64GB card previously available.

The new 128GB cards are available exclusively through Amazon (s AMZN) and Best Buy (s bby) starting today for $199.99.

Designed for use in Android(s goog) phones and tablets, SanDisk’s microSDXC cards cards are roughly twice as fast as average microSD cards (with 10MB/s write speed). They share the same tiny form factor, though – about the size of a pinky nail. The 128GB card looks exactly the same as every other microSD card – it just happens to have at least twice as much storage available. To fit that much memory onto the removable card, SanDisk developed a technique that allows for 16 memory die — each shaved to be thinner than a strand of hair — to be stacked vertically.

Just how much can you store on 128GB? About 16 hours of full HD video, 7,500 songs, 3,200 photos and more than 125 apps, according to SanDisk. Think about it this way: If your phone has a microSD card slot, it means you’ll probably never have to worry about storage again.

SanDisk also updated its Memory Zone Android app, which lets users view, access and back up all of the files on their device from one location. It also released OptiMem, a feature that frees up internal memory on your device by automatically transferring old photos and videos to your microSD card.

11 Responses to “SanDisk introduces world’s largest 128GB microSD card”

  1. “you’ll probably never have to worry about storage on your smartphone or tablet ever again.”
    You will look back on this in… I’m going with 3 years time and either laugh or groan about this depending on your sense of humour.
    Still, it’s nice to see that the world now has a largest 128GB microsd card.

    • Sathish Rao

      Samsung Galaxy S5 already boasts of a 4K Video camera.. So, plz relook at your statement –
      “you’ll probably never have to worry about storage on your smartphone or tablet ever again.”

  2. Why doesn’t Apple allow you to increase your iOS device storage like pretty much every other tablet and smart phone manufacture does via added a 2nd SD card?

    It would be nice if you could also have a user replaceable battery so you could carry a spare battery with you.

    • OreoMuncher

      Because micro sd cards have a lower access speed in comparison to sodered storage. When the phone gets slow. The average user will blame the phone. When in actuall fact it was the micro sd causing the problem. Apple doesn’t want that.

    • Daniel Corcoran

      Because apple would lose money. If, instead of paying some ~50$ for 32GB storage as oppposed to 16gb (only about 10GB usable, depending on IOS Version) and simply purchased a 16GB microSD/Standard SD card for 20$, wouldnt that cut down on the overall profit p/iPad? This is why I dont buy apple products: Even when something seems so reasonable and more, “User-friendly”, they focus more on making money.
      Good job google for making a mobile OS that supports SD.

    • Daniel Corcoran

      But also consider the memory limits to most (If not all) Smartphones/tablets… Most can only support 32GB, 64GB is exceedingly rare. TECHNICALLY smart-device manufacturers will cope with the rapid rise in storage capacity-our microSD cards are doubling in size every other year, and tablets and smartphone are quickly coping to this change. Still, wait until the device can actually USE 128GB before adsvertising them for devices!