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Report: LG developing a smartwatch for Google, possibly around Google Now

Get ready for a new Nexus device – on your wrist. According to the Wall Street Journal, LG’s head of mobile Jong-seok Park told a group of reporters in Seoul that the company is working on a smartwatch, which the Journal’s sources say is based on Google’s Android(s goog) operating system. Combine that with a report from CNET, which says the watch will be a “Nexus-like model” set to debut at Google I/O in June.

Reports of a Google smartwatch first surfaced last year, but the rumors have ramped up steadily since the start of Mobile World Congress on Sunday. Reliable tipster @evleaks noted the watch and an I/O launch date, and Tech Crunch claims to have some information about the device itself.

According to its sources, an early prototype of the watch featured a design similar to the Pebble steel, with a metal band and square face. Unlike the Steel, however, the device featured a color display. The latest design is now said to feature a plastic band, but it keeps the color display, which looks “like a cheap smartphone.” The report goes on to say that the watch will be controlled by gestures like swiping and tapping, which sounds similar to a smartphone.

There isn’t much additional information about the device, but CNET suggests the watch will be built around Google Now, the company’s context-driven personal assistant software. This is something my colleague Kevin Tofel has been hoping for a quite a while now, and echoes earlier rumors heard last year. I have to imagine if there’s any smartwatch that’s going to be built with Google Now at its core, it’ll be one with the closest ties to Google.

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