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Color me completely unsurprised: Verizon is talking to Netflix too

Appearing on CNBC Monday morning, Verizon’s CEO Lowell McAdam said his company has been discussing some type of peering agreement with Netflix for over a year, and he believes some type of agreement could be reached. This isn’t surprising given that Verizon users have also been complaining about their video streaming service and that Comcast and Netflix just announced their own interconnection agreement. While ISPs will tout this as a win for the industry, there are plenty of competitive issues that should give people who care about the internet pause.

2 Responses to “Color me completely unsurprised: Verizon is talking to Netflix too”

  1. gsuburban

    Don’t give into Verizon Netflix. Lowell is just trying to use their customers as a way to get a piece of your success. Cogent has said it right…Verizon is simply trying to create a toll road on a system that is already in place.

    Not to mention, I’d like to see the statistics showing how many Fios customers do not use Netflix and how many Fios customers rarely use much internet bandwidth. We should see the complete usage picture that starts with all of the Fios user accounts they have and then begin charting how those Fios users are “using up the network”. I’ll bet the picture is painted much different than the higher ups tells us and we’d get more accurate information from those who actually run their network, the mechanics. I think this is just a greed issue and it’s resulting from McAdam’s office to create a new revenue stream from something whichis already in place, as Cogent has already stated.

    • gsuburban

      Yes…and then figure what the total possible useable bandwidth would be if all Fios customers used their maximum’s at the same time for a few months straight. I highly doubt the Fios network would be complaining with that example because data would be flowing from hundreds of sources. Just because this one source is Netflix, they want to tax them.