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Mirroring Android screens to a Chromecast is coming

You can already send a web page from Chrome(s goog) to a Chromecast on laptops and desktops; not from Android though. Don’t sweat it; the feature is surely coming either from Google directly or through third-party apps. The developer of AllCast — an Android app that streams local files to a Chromecast — has a working version of software that mirrors your Android screen to a Chromecast. And Google slipped a Chromecast icon directly into Android for a brief time so clearly it’s considering the feature as well.

On this week’s Chrome Show podcast, we discuss these developments as well as a YouTube Chromecasting solution for Windows Phone(s msft), new Asus Chromebooks on the way, how to drag and drop Chrome apps into folders in Chrome OS and an extension that creates screencasts on a Chromebook. Tune in below or download the Chrome Show directly right here.

2 Responses to “Mirroring Android screens to a Chromecast is coming”

  1. It’s been 20 days since the Chromecast SDK has been announced, and I think it’s fair to conclude a couple things:

    First, when the SDK launched I was worried Google was showing a lack of marketing savvy by releasing it without new apps, in such a discrete way (a post on their blog). This appears not to be the case.

    Unfortunately, it appears that there weren’t really apps ready to go that were being held up by the SDK launch, as was widely reported. That appears to have been a myth.. None of the apps that have been subsequently released would be considered “major apps” by consumers, and there have only been a handful of them. Perhaps we’ll see the WWE Network drop tomorrow, which would be great for some people. But there hasn’t been a Vudu, Aereo, or Redbox Instant type of app. Perhaps those apps are in development, but they certainly weren’t “ready to go.”

    I’m sure we’ll see more apps in the coming weeks. I just think we should temper our expectations. Janko reported “Get ready for tons of new Chromecast apps.” “A few minor ones” would have been more accurate.

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      When he said “get ready for tons of new chromecast apps!” He meant expect more apps once the API goes public. The API code will be available soon so that other developers may make up more apps or update the apps with the code.