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Watch: Samsung’s Unpacked trailer teases “The Next Galaxy”

With the Galaxy S5 reportedly set to make its first official appearance on Monday, it looks like one of the final leaks has come courtesy of Samsung itself. Well, it’s not quite a leak, but Samsung Mobile on Friday posted a trailer to its YouTube(s goog) account showing what to expect at its Unpacked 5 press conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday. Have a look:

There’s really not much here to speculate on, aside from the last few seconds of the clip which drop the colorful background images to focus on text that says “The Next GALAXY.” But this is probably the best evidence yet that Samsung will be introducing the Galaxy S5 next week. I’ll be covering the press conference from New York, so check back on Monday at 11AM PT to find out what Samsung announces.

One Response to “Watch: Samsung’s Unpacked trailer teases “The Next Galaxy””

  1. Funny, almost every scene portrayed has nothing to do with smartphones. And putting a five around meaningless words does not catch my attention. This is corporate pablum, “just cut some pictures of models doing things with big words and cut to generic high energy music. Even McDonald’s would be proud of such a spot.