Secret’s latest update gives users more control over their privacy and how they post


Anonymous confession app Secret, which has gotten attention  in recent weeks for enabling the spilling of Silicon Valley secrets, released an update Friday that helps users keep track of others’ secrets — and remove evidence of their own.

SecretUpdateSwiping left on a secret now brings up a few new options. “Subscribe” lets a user to follow any secret for comments, “Remove” erases a secret from the user’s feed and “Flag” alerts Secret’s developers of a post that violates conduct or terms of service — nudity, racism, and other forms of hate or personal attacks that could pollute the app. “Subscribe” is arguably the most interesting feature, since you don’t actually have to like or comment on a secret to follow it. While it’s still a long way from my suggestion of a user follow model, it’s a step toward more interaction with content on the platform

In addition, if you feel a little weird leaving a digital trail of secrets, a feature in the post window now gives users the option to “unlink” any post previously written, or subscriptions to posts made by others . So, if you have a snooper in your midst or just want to erase all evidence of posting on Secret, unlinking is an easy way to do so.

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