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Prompted by the upcoming merger or Google, Time Warner upgrades its Austin broadband

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Time Warner Cable is upgrading the Austin area with broadband speeds of up to 300 Mbps — a big boost when existing speeds top out at 50 Mbps. The big question on my mind is whether the increase is because it wants to appear competitive as Comcast prepares to take over the TWC areas, or whether it’s actually feeling the competitive heat from Google’s Fiber plans for the city.

Those plans have led to not one, but three companies planning to roll out gigabit speeds in Austin, which would leave the 50 Mbps Time Warner Cable subscription looking a little pokey. The upgrades are expected during the summer and will roll out over the entire TWC service footprint at no charge to existing customers. This may soften the pain of neighborhoods left out of the fiber bonanza. I certainly will feel better about paying $75 for 300 Mbps as opposed to 50 Mbps, although the upgrades may not help my Netflix or Amazon Instant video experience.

Below is a chart showing the service tiers.


2 Responses to “Prompted by the upcoming merger or Google, Time Warner upgrades its Austin broadband”

  1. Wow, look what competition does, congress, you twits. Keep collecting your lobby money to sign anti-consumer laws. Only when forced will these companies provide real service.

    People will flee TWC the second they have a chance towards someone who hasn’t screwed them over and over in the past (google, grande, etc.). Point is, they are wasting money upgrading a city with so much broadband built up now, why not provide real service in a city that hasn’t forced you before you lose that city too?

  2. Michael Grant

    It’s not just Google Fiber. Grande Communications, a local provider of cable and internet, is rolling out gigabit service to select neighborhoods *right now*. I’m getting mine installed on February 28th.