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Meet your next potential iPhone keyboard: Fleksy is now open to all developers

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Have you ever used a great third-party keyboard on an Android(s goog) device and wished for the same experience on your iPhone(s aapl)? That might finally happen, as Fleksy just made its iOS keyboard SDK available to all developers.

Fleksy first introduced the SDK back in December, but it’s been in a closed beta until now. Apple doesn’t allow third-party keyboards to be installed across its operating system the way that Google does with Android, but Fleksy makes it extremely easy for developers to integrate its keyboard within their app, since it doesn’t require any additional lines of code. iOS users will need to have the free Fleksy app installed, since it will remember settings and make for a universal keyboard experience no matter which app you use. You’ll see an option to switch to Fleksy in supported apps when you press down to bring up the cut, copy and paste field. Right now you’ll find Fleksy support in a few apps, such as Cotton Notes, SnapStatus and Tap Forms.

What makes Fleksy more appealing than the traditional iOS keyboard? Part of it is visual — the keys themselves are larger and easier to hit correctly on the first try. And once you get the hang of it, Fleksy uses a combination of gestures and traditional typing that actually make it faster and easier to type. You can just flick your finger right or left anywhere on the keyboard to enter a space or delete a word, for instance. And Fleksy’s autocorrect is truly a force to be reckoned with. I couldn’t even trick it into getting any words wrong.

Fleksy app

Just for fun, you can also change the color of the keyboard, though certain colors must be purchased. Fleksy plans to keep the app itself free, and monetize it through colorful add-on themes and various other features in the future.

I like the standard iOS keyboard just fine, but Fleksy shows there’s room for improvement. And after seeing how popular alternative keyboards like Swype have become for Android, it’s clear that there’s plenty of room for Fleksy to grow, as long as it can entice developers to sign on.

5 Responses to “Meet your next potential iPhone keyboard: Fleksy is now open to all developers”

  1. mike jenkins

    Apple needs to buy Fleksy. I’ve tried all 3rd party keyboards (SwiftKey, Swype, etc) and Fleksy is by far the best. It even ‘feels’ Apple-y (is that a word?).

    I want this on all my apps!

    • Indeed. Though I fail to see how Fleksy is so novel or innovative in the greater, consolidated ecosystem (i.e. all mobile OS platforms), as it doesn’t offer anything that’s really “new”.

      The one truly innovative keyboard app out there that SHOULD find a way to the iOS ecosystem (and others), is one for Android called SwiftKey. iOS users can now get a taste of this by trying out a free app they released for iOS (SwiftKey Note), which employs the functionality which make SwiftKey the killer app it is.

      1) I don’t use iOS devices.
      2) I don’t work for the people who make SwiftKey.
      3) YMMV