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Voxeet goes WebRTC with major sound improvements for conference calls

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Tired of not being able to hear everyone, or even knowing who is trying to speak, on a conference call? So are the folks who make Voxeet, a cross-platform group conferencing platform for Windows(s msft), iOS(s aapl) and Android(s goog). Voxeet 2.0 launched on Wednesday, bringing a number of improvements — including a WebRTC-based audio stack with what the company calls 3DHD sound.

voxeet 3dhd

The sound quality is quite impressive, something you have to hear to appreciate. This audio demonstration ought to give you a good idea of the difference in Voxeet 2.0. The new audio engine “eliminates background noise, echo, talk over and differences in each participant’s audio level so participants can hear every word,” according to the company.

While improved sound quality is important on a conference call, knowing who is speaking is also key. The app provides visual highlights next to each participant’s avatar to help in that respect. For people in the same room on a call, Voxeet is smart enough to figure out who is speaking based on where the sound is coming from. Users can have a private chat while listening to the call in a “Whisper” mode simply by tapping on a person’s avatar.

voxeet iphone

Voxeet 2.0 is relatively hassle-free for setting up conference calls as well. The app integrates with contact lists and Facebook(s fb) and also with various calendar software such as Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal. Adding [email protected] as a contact will actually schedule a meeting and call each participant so they don’t have to dial in or remember arcane PINs. Best of all, group members can start the conference on one device and move over to another if needed; handy for those on the go.

The new version of Voxeet is available today in the various app stores for each supported platform and through

4 Responses to “Voxeet goes WebRTC with major sound improvements for conference calls”

  1. Michael Graves


    Count your dimensions. Voxeet, and other binaural conference services like BT’s MeetMe with Dolby Voice, do not convey all three dimensions. They don’t convey anything with respect to height, so they can’t be “3D.”


    • I understand your point, Michael. I’ve seen the same issue with HD used for various terms as well. FWIW, Voxeet does offer some spacial attributes. When someone on the left side of the virtual conference table speaks, you hear them in your left ear. Drag them to the middle of the table and you’ll hear them in both ears. It’s actually quite interesting.

      • Michael Graves

        “Immersive” is a good term. 3D is misleading.

        Normally this would simply be semantics, but there are efforts at bone fide 3D audio ongoing. There’s a substantial difference between what that offers to theme park rides and movies vs binaural audio conferencing.