New Rackspace prez lays out his plan of action

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Taylor Rhodes, who’s about 4 weeks into his new gig as Rackspace(s rax) president, admits the company may have spread itself a little thin of late, but it can now focus on what he calls a hybrid system of options.

“We don’t see dedicated hosting as our old business but as a killer feature of a hybrid cloud, we can now do public cloud multi-tenant, dedicated single tenant and now with OpenStack private cloud we bring a private cloud to the table and will integrate that into a single system that lets customers choose the right option,” he said.

He also raised the tantalizing prospect of Rackspace managing multi-vendor clouds at some point by extending what it’s knows about managing customers’ private OpenStack clouds remotely. So could customers user Rackspace to manage mixed Amazon/other clouds? Not in the next year, this could be a longer-term aspiration.

But first, Derrick Harris and I talk hash out what it means that Google Distinguished Engineer Peter Magnusson jumped ship for Snapchat where he will (or won’t) build out internal IT infrastructure. Also how the availability of tools like Expert Labs’ Mindmeld artificial intelligence API could help developers build much, much smarter apps.

Rackspace President Taylor Rhodes

Rackspace President Taylor Rhodes


Hosts: Barb Darrow and Derrick Harris

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