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Report: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 to run on Tizen

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The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will run on Samsung’s homegrown Tizen OS instead of Google’s(s goog) Android, according to USA Today. The report also said that Samsung is planning to introduce the watch, as well as the new Tizen operating system, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

This would be a pretty radical shift for Samsung, which already brought some well-known third-party app developers to the table for the original Galaxy Gear including Evernote and Snapchat. A switch to Tizen would mean that the company has to start all over again, and raises some questions about compatibility. Would a Tizen-based smartwatch only work with Tizen phones, for example? That could be a problem, since there aren’t any available right now.

On the other hand, this could mean that the new Galaxy Gear will function as a standalone device, like the Pebble smartwatch; the watch might be able to perform its standard functions and run preloaded apps without a connection.

Or there could multiple versions of the new Galaxy Gear announced: The Verge is reporting that Samsung might introduce multiple Galaxy Gear wearables at the show, though it couldn’t confirm if any will be powered by Tizen.

Samsung is holding a press conference at MWC next week where it is expected to introduce the Galaxy S5. We’ll see if the Galaxy Gear 2 makes an appearance as well.

3 Responses to “Report: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 to run on Tizen”

  1. Ali McNicol

    This would be a bad idea. The issue is even though tizen is heavily copied from android (almost a fork), its not a matter of “just porting apps over”. Even if samsung pays for some big apps to go over…like snapchat or whatsapp, etc..after the one off, what is the likely hood they will keep these apps UPDATED and in parity to the android versions.

    • Tizen is not a fork of android

      If anything tizens roots are in maemo,meego and mer.

      if anything android has copied these systems to get their performance better. and they took their original source from the open-source community.
      look at the N9 single core 800mhz and works well. This is what tizen is built on.

      I am not saying android is bad but it in no way developed the OS, In actual fact they are
      not much different than amazon truth be told.

      You really need to learn more about this ….
      jolla have a mer derivative(sailfish) with alien dalvik
      48hrs after first phone… a google play install was available adding to yandex and amazon stores. -Tizen I expect will be similarly easy to to…. yes this was a simple install.

      truth be told generic apps will slowly become the norm as they work everywhere.
      Googles lock in APIs will become less.

      to the writer…..
      there are hundreds of BT devices easily paired and none of them run the same OS
      why would you think this is a show stopping problem?
      If anything it would allow samsung to move to a platform independent architecture for the watch.