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Mirantis pushes for “open-source” certification of OpenStack drivers

Mirantis, the systems integration shop that has morphed into an OpenStack distribution provider, is pushing the community as a whole to certify the various drivers needed to make OpenStack clouds run.

Boris Renski, co-founder and executive vice president for Mirantis, said several key vendors both inside and outside the OpenStack fold are aboard. He listed AT&T(s t), Citrix(s ctrx),  Dreamhost, NetApp(s ntapp), VMware(s vmw), and Yahoo(s yhoo) as backers of this plan.

A couple very big OpenStack backers — notably Rackspace(s rax) and Red Hat(s rhat) — are not on that list, and Red Hat in particular is worth watching since a big chunk of its business revolves around certifying third-party products to run with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenStack as well. I’m guessing this plan may go over like a lead balloon over there and, when asked, Renski signalled that Red Hat might have an issue here.

“Certifying third-party vendor hardware on [the] Red Hat platform is one of their main competitive advantages over many others in the OpenStack world which they are trying to actively use to win,” he said. “Back in the Linux days, one of the reasons why Red Hat dominated was because it got the largest number of vendors certified against [its] Linux distribution. Red Hat is now doing the same in OpenStack.”

Update: Right on cue, a blog post from Red Hat, touts the value its vendor certification offers. A spokeswoman said via email that “Red Hat’s commitment to enabling its partners and customers with enterprise-grade OpenStack products has allowed many to on-ramp their computing infrastructure to the cloud.”

cinder driverA multi-vendor consortium certification process could assure interoperability of multiple products with key OpenStack components and also, even the playing field for some of the smaller OpenStack distributions, for example Mirantis, Cloudscaling and Piston Cloud (see disclosure.)

Note: This story was updated at 6:08 a.m. PST with Red Hat’s response.

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