Xervmon serves up multi-cloud monitoring and management suite


Xervmon got its start helping customers manage their costs on the major public clouds — competing with such companies as Cloudability and Newvem, now part of Datapipe. Now it’s digging deeper — the latest version of its software — available as of this week — will monitor and manage workloads across Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, Rackspace(s rax), and Digital Ocean public clouds, said company co-founder Babu Jayaram.  Support for Microsoft(s msft) Windows Azure and OpenStack is also planned. Xervmon also supports the HP Cloud Matrix private cloud implementation.

The Houston-based company is pitching its product as a full-service IT management suite — available as Software as a Service (SaaS) and eventually on-premises as well. The goal is to let companies plan, budget, design, deploy, manage and migrate workloads across cloud providers as needed from a single dashboard. That’s a bold vision and one that established player like Rightscale and upstarts like Copper.io are also touting.

Pricing is based on number of servers managed. Jayaram and co-founder Sudhi Seshachala come to this cloud management work honestly. They initially consulted with Houston-based energy companies, helping them manage their cloud infrastructure. From that work they saw booming demand for a product that lets companies track and manage multiple clouds — private or public — from one console. That gives the user — if that user is the CIO, the CEO, a line-of-business manager, DevOps or IT Manager, role-based access through a unified Xervmon console

Jayaram (pictured above at right) said Xervmon’s server migration capabilities are a particular draw among early testers which include cloud service providers.



Looks like a very interesting and useful Idea. Wish them Good Luck


David Mytton

Makes sense they had to pivot to do full blown cloud management because there’s no money in cloud cost analytics with Amazon slowly improving their free tools and the likes of Netflix’s Ice analytics tool.

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