LG Chromebase price: What would make it fly off shelves?


Now that the LG Chromebase has a $599 price tag in Australia, we can start to take educated guesses on what it will cost in other regions. If it’s $500 or more in the U.S., I think it will be a tough sell since it has the same internal hardware as the aggressively priced Asus Chromebox, which starts at $179.

We discuss what price ranges would be most attractive for the all-in-one Chrome OS(s goog) device on this week’s podcast, so tune in below or download the show to hear our thoughts. We also explain how a $10 add-on can run nearly any standard speakers into a music streaming device when paired with a Chromecast.



How are US consumers supposed to effectively use Google Chrome hardware if they have their internet access from ATT Uverse or other DSL type providers?

The upload speeds are going to make the Chrome cloud based experience miserable.

I guess you could tether to your 4G/LTE phone as a hotspot and have a workable user environment with upload speed 2-3 times faster than DSL but then you are going to be killed on the data plan.

Charles Gaines

I’d guess 400 bucks or so; for one thing, Australia’s always pricier than the USA for anything. For another, there’s a fair number of 1080p/21.5-inch monitors for around 200 bucks; and finally, it’s Lenovo, who tends to not get too profit margin obsessive as a general rule.


I’ll buy one at $350. The Display is worth some premium as is the reputed HDMI in so that it can be used as an external monitor for other devices (like my Raspberry Pi or my phone.)

But frankly until rumors are backed by delivery I consider it no more than the smoke of a design concept. Such things are floated all the time and this has all the earmarks.


It just occured to me that with HDMI in it’s an ideal little host for Chromecast (if and when it becomes real.) So I’ll update my threshold of purchase to $375. :-)

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