Android this week: Galaxy S5 box leaks specs, Android apps on Windows; is Android open?


With less than two weeks before Samsung shows off the Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress (MWC), more leaks than ever are flowing about the handset. This week saw leaked renders of the device and a reported pic of the Galaxy S5 packaging also surfaced, clearly showing all the specifications of Samsung’s next flagship.


If accurate, at least one variant of the Galaxy S5 will have a pixel dense display with 2560 x 1440 resolution. Spread out over a 5.2-inch screen, that works out to 560 pixels per inch. The image also shows 3 GB of memory, support for up to 150 Mbps LTE networks and a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor — very likely a Qualcomm(s qcom) Snapdragon 805 since Samsung typically uses its own chips in non-LTE devices. The Galaxy S5 box picture also says to expect a 20 megapixel rear camera with auto-focus and 2 megapixel front sensor.

So is this the real deal? I suspect it is as many of the listed specifications are reasonable and expected upgrades. Is this going to be the only Galaxy S5 configuration? I doubt it. Instead, I anticipate at least one slightly different model with Samsung’s own processor inside and a lower-resolution, 1080p display. Such a configuration was suggested by sources to the New York Times earlier this month. We’ll be on hand later this month at MWC to see what Samsung debuts.

We’ll have to wait longer to see if Microsoft plans to support Android apps on Windows and Windows Phone, however. The company is reportedly considering just that although it wouldn’t happen until Windows 9(s msft) is available next year.

Bluestacks brings Android to Windows

Technically, you can already run Android(s goog) apps on Windows — or a Mac(s aapl), for that matter — by using Bluestacks. So it’s not clear what users would gain from this on desktops and laptops. My thought is that Microsoft can help diminish its perceived “app gap” on touch-friendly or Metro applications by supporting Android apps on its platform. On the other hand, it could provide less incentive for developers to create Windows and Windows Phone apps.

We could get a glimpse of what Microsoft is thinking if the Nokia X, also known as the Normandy, launches as expected soon. The device is reportedly an Android-powered phone that would run apps from Nokia(s nok) and Microsoft. You can be sure it won’t run Google’s own Android apps because Microsoft is unlikely to ever license them and gains no benefit by doing so.

Nokia Android

The topic of Google’s own apps and Android being open or not was center stage this week. Alleged documents showing details of Google’s app licensing terms led some to suggest Android isn’t open. As I detailed this week, it most certainly is.

However, as Google moves more and more of its own apps and services out of Android, the open version becomes less powerful. It requires device makers to rely more on third-party apps or to create their own. Regardless, Android is no less open by definition than it was in 2008.


Anoop Bhandari

Can’t wait for such a big and good or what can I say the best buy for the 2014 I loe to have an hands on approach to the Galaxy S5 smartphone later this month during the MWC 2014

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Anthony Johnson

2.5 GHz Quad core processor, 3GB DDR3 RAM, FULL HD for Complete multimedia experience, and 3000 mAH battery! If all these specification shown in the image are true then I am definitely going to add this in my gazette collections. Quite excited for its launch after reading this! I even purchased a wireless charger for it in advance from Amazon so that charging does not restrict me to use this device. Oops sorry really waiting for its launch.


Google is bluffing, but the OEMs will bite. What happens if OEMs all get together and ship AOSP with Open Street Maps instead of “stock” Android with Google Maps? That’s right, the restrictive licensing will disappear overnight.

Apple has some of the most hostile app store terms in the business, yet Google bends over backwards to put Google products on it anyway. Google evidently makes backroom deals with them and exchanges iOS exclusive features like VoIP calling on hangouts for fast approval. Why? Because Google is a data company and they want ALL the data. If you aren’t using Google products, you break the core of Google’s business.

So while it might appear Google is playing hardball, we all know Google would cave the instant OEMs offered significant resistance. Google is like the NSA, but for profit. They want to take all your data as cheaply as possible.

Unfortunately, OEMs don’t think users want a spyware free phone. They think users would rather have phones that offer small Google features in exchange for every scrap of private information we have. I say this as an Android user who intends to build AOSP for my phone this weekend.


If any if the Android handset manufacturers tried to develop a fork of AOSP (the bare bones open part of Android), they would lose all rights to the important close sourced layer of Android, Google Play Services. That’s right, make a single non standard phone and Google removes your right to all of Google services! It’s in the contract between Google and Samsung and HTC.

Only AOSP is open, and that’s how Amazon was able to fork Android to serve as a consumer portal. It’s how manufacturers in China sell phones tied to local services such as Baidu and TenCent (Google is virtually absent from the Chinese market anyhow).

So it turns out that Android is about as open as Mac OS X. Underlying OS X is Darwin, which is open source under the BSD license. Anyone can install it on their computer without paying Apple a cent, and anyone can fork it and place their own service and application layers. You can run any unix program on it, which is more than one can say for Android (try running a Linux program on AOSP).


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