Gigaom Research webinar: the real story behind scale-up vs. scale-out databases


There is a fascinating shift happening right now in the database market from scale-up to scale-out architectures to meet performance demands. Translated, the choice is bigger, more expensive boxes versus inexpensive commodity boxes clustered together using clever software. For anyone in IT who cares about database performance at scale without breaking the bank, there is a new generation of relational databases that are built to scale out, in an affordable fashion. These machines leverage the principles of distributed computing to provide a clustered database solution on commodity hardware.

In this webinar, our panel will discuss these topics:

  • Why is the shift from scale-up to scale-out happening now?
  • How does scale-out SQL work; what are the benefits and challenges?
  • What use cases is scale-out SQL optimal for?
  • Where does scale-out SQL fit with NoSQL and Hadoop technology?
  • How is the transition to real-time analytics and in-memory methods impacting the database landscape?

Speakers include:

  • Andrew J. Brust, founder and CEO, Blue Badge Insights
  • Richard Winter, president, WinterCorp
  • Marc Staimer, president and chief dragon slayer, Dragon Slayer Consulting
  • Robin Purohit, CEO, Clustrix

Register here to join Gigaom Research and Clustrix for “The real story on scale-up vs. scale-out databases,” a free analyst webinar on Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. PT.

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