Upcoming Gigaom event: strategy, meet data, next month in New York City


Our first conference of the year, Structure Data, kicks off  March 19 and 20 at Chelsea Piers. Our stellar speaker lineup includes leaders from Ford, McLaren, Palantir, the FTC and more. We’ll cover these themes:

  • Do you need data scientists? What should they look like? We’ll take a deep dive into the methods companies are using to capture, store, analyze and serve the data that’s driving their businesses.
  • Deep learning: the holy grail for big data. From automated text analysis to natural-language processing to image recognition, new applications are delivering rich new insights.
  • Toeing the line among privacy, profit and protection. Is the right to privacy paramount? Or are we putting the public at risk to protect an ideal? What will the outrage about consumer privacy mean for businesses’ bottom line?

We’ll also launch our Structure Data Awards, honoring the best and brightest data-based startups, chosen by our editorial team. They’ll share their approaches to data analysis across machine learning, business analytics and infrastructure onstage. Plus, vote for your top Reader’s Choice Award picks by Feb. 14.

Attendees are also invited to join our Mapping Session, “Machine learning: when does the payoff start?” We’ll cover:

  • How will machine learning and AI ecosystems evolve around industries like health care, retail and marketing?
  • Are their other technology breakthroughs the industry is dependent on? If so, when will they likely occur?
  • What budgets will drive investment?
  • Register here.

Visit our full conference schedule to learn more, and register before Feb. 14 to save $200.

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