Twitter is for TV, Facebook is for movies

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Facebook may be struggling to catch up with Twitter when it comes to engaging with live TV but Facebook absolutely owns social media engagement around movies, at least in Europe. 

According to the massive new study (pdf) profiling the audience for movies and TV in the EU published by European Commission (see Laura Hazard Owen’s writeup for GigaOM here) Facebook is the overwhelming favorite among social media users for discussing movies and following movie-related feeds.

Overall, 45 percent of movie viewers use social networks to discuss and comment on films. That includes 42 percent who said they use Facebook, compared to only 6 percent who mentioned Twitter, and 4 percent who use other platforms (multiple answers were permitted).


The heaviest Facebook users for discussing films are in Italy (56%), Romania (56%) and Poland (53%), while Twitter is more developed in the UK (16%) and Spain (13%). France, Lithuania, Denmark and Germany are the lowest Facebook users.

Not surprisingly, kids and young adults (16-25) are the two groups using social networks the most to chat about movies: 53% of children and 54 percent of  young adults do so versus 37 percent of the 35-50 year olds, the upper age bracket for the study.

Facebook is also far-more popular than Twitter for following movie-related feeds.


One big reason for the sharp differences in engagement platforms for movies and TV is likely to be that much of the social media discussion around movies happens before and after the fact, which favors Facebook, while much of the TV chatter occurs in real time, which favors Twitter.

Facebook, of course, is now aggressively pitching itself as a real-time engagement platform, too, as it tries to eat a little of Twitter’s TV lunch. I’m curious whether Twitter will have a counter move to try to become a bigger player for movies.