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Oppo to announce Find 7 smartphone in March, two versions tipped

After a cryptic social media ad campaign, Oppo on Wednesday revealed that its next flagship phone, the Find 7, will be announced on March 19 in Beijing, China. Actually, better make that phones. Oppo is believed to be releasing two versions of the Find 7, one of which will sport a 2560 x 1440 “2K” display.

Late last year Oppo teased the forthcoming Find 7 smartphone with a 2K display. But just this week, the device showed up in some GFXBench results with a 1080p display instead. According to sources at Engadget, both versions of the phone are a go: A premium model with a super-high-res 2K display, as well as a 1080p version that’s likely to cost a little less.

Oppo seems to be hinting at this as well. One of its ads (below) says “Find 7 Are Coming,” and the company used similar pronouns when referring to the devices on social media.

Oppo Find 7 teaser

Oppo is relatively new to the phone game, but it has been making some really lovely hardware. And many of its devices have actually been making it to the U.S., which is a major plus. That makes me excited to see what the company has in store for the Find 7, and we should find out in just little over a month from now.

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