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Cisco to launch $100M fund for the internet of things

Cisco reported financial results Wednesday and while the company saw a drop in both revenue and profits, the company is investing in the internet of things. Cisco said it has allocated $100 million to invest in early stage companies to help it move the connected world forward. The company has already said it expects the internet of everything to drive growth in its services revenue from 20 percent of total sales to 30 percent, and has announced, but not delivered an entirely new architecture for a world of connected devices speaking to the cloud.

2 Responses to “Cisco to launch $100M fund for the internet of things”

    • Chaitanya R

      HI James, Internet of things is going to be huge. As predicted by Many top research firms like Gartner and IDC, that by 2020 IoT will be connecting around 212 billion devices. Now that’s a huge number. Also supplementing this trend is the emergence of the Tech triad- Cloud, Mobile & Big Data.

      The revenue potential being estimated is to the tune of 8+ trillion dollars.

      It will be interesting to know which organizations are driving this forward in terms of building platforms,
      products. Also the role software vendors would play in this huge ecosystem.

      Following up on this, I came across and registered for a webinar on Internet of Things- Driving the Next Decade