Chrome Show: Flappy Birds fly again on Google’s Chrome OS


Some surprising announcements surfaced in the Chrome world recently with Google(s goog) introducing a Chromebox for meetings service. The new Asus Chromebox can power it and so too will HP’s(s hpq) upcoming Chromeboxes which come in stylish colors.

Chrome OS gained some new features in the Developer channel and with a relatively small investment, you can add a new feature to your Chromecast by turning any speaker into a networked audio streamer. And while you can’t get Flappy Birds from mobile app stores any longer, you can still get your fix from our Chrome extension of the week.

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Hosts: Janko Roettgers and Kevin Tofel

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LG Chromebase gets a price in Australia. What might it cost in other markets?

Google intros Chromebox for meetings

Three nice additions to the Chrome OS Dev channel, which was released on Monday (found by Mr. Beaufort)

A little Chromecast news: most embedded YouTube vids can be streamed to the Chromecast

How to turn Chromecast into an audio streamer

HP will have stylish Chromeboxes later this year

Sorry, Chrome tabs won’t be getting a mute button for sounds

App / Extension of the week: Flappy Bird for Chrome


Nikohl Vandel

<– flappy bird high score = 4. sigh.

but what is tech doing to help that nuclear meltdown in Japan ?? surely someone somewhere is creating the app that's going to save the world, right? =)

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