Cloud provider Digital Ocean expands globally with new Singapore data center


Credit: Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is on a bit of a tear. The Infrastructure-as-a-Service and hosting company launched a new Singapore data center Tuesday to bolster its coverage in Asia and Australia.

Digital Ocean COO Karl Alomar said Singapore was chosen because it’s such a well-connected region and the site will help local users get faster response.

“Connecting to Amsterdam or San Francisco [from Asia] can cause 200ms of latency, ” Digital Ocean COO Karl Alomar said in a statement.“This will drop latency to 30ms and allow large customers to expand their presence for greater distribution.”

Brooklyn, N.Y. based Digital Ocean added a second Amsterdam data center in December. The new Singapore facility, which the company worked with Equinix to develop, brings its global data center tally to six including two in New York, one in San Francisco and two in Amsterdam.



>2 days ago about 1 hour everything was down due to DDOS

Sorry I don’t have enough sleep after we have moved to that location

Barb Darrow

please keep pinging here to update me. There was mention of DDOS on status page yesterday but it is now gone.


IT’s still there but corrected to be accurate. We weren’t under ddos but our peers were creating tons of area latency


DO’s new location is TERRIBLE, unbelivably low quality

Each second day – “DDOS”
Servers hang and cannot be restarted, errors all over control panel

After moving to DO SP location we have uptime something like 90% while on dedicated server we had 99.95%

It’s probably OK if you want to host home page or dev server but it’s clearly not yet any close to maintain anything more serious.


Yep, it’s new location – Singapore

No issues in other Digital Ocean datacenters

Today for 6 hours all servers were merely available due to some network problem, even private network on half of servers wasn’t working

2 days ago about 1 hour everything was down due to downtime.

Overall about 6 issues that cause more then one hour downtime for 2 weeks.

It’s horrible!

David Mytton

Always good to see new locations available – we use Digital Ocean for some of our website monitoring nodes. However, they’re going to have to speed up if they want to compete with the big players – Amazon and IBM. IBM have already announced 15 new locations for just this year and intend to have 4 data centers in every continent by the end of 2014. That’s pretty important for regional failover and getting content closer to users.

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