Podio announces Zapier integration with Mailchimp, Evernote, Google Tasks, and many more


Podio, the work management tool from Citrix, announced a long list of integrations through the Zapier API bridge service. I have not used any of these integrations myself, but I hope to explore them in the week ahead.

Zapier is much like the If This Then That (IFTTT) tool, that implements integrations using a case logic: if this occurs in app A copy this data and add to App B in this way.

The announced integrations are these:

Easily save GoToWebinar registrants to your Podio CRM apps or create GoToWebinar registrants from Podio.

Quickbooks Online
This app makes it easy to save Quickbooks Online invoices to Podio.

Push new MailChimp subscriber details into your Podio CRM apps or update your MailChimp subscriber list when a new entry is created in this app on Podio.

Harvest Projects
Create a Harvest project by creating an app item on Podio and vice versa. Also create a Podio task when a Harvest project is started.

Bring tweets related to your company’s twitter page into a workspace, including creating tasks from mentions on twitter.

Create app items from your time entries in Toggl, create a task in Toggl from a task in Podio and more.

This app makes it easy to save Trello cards to Podio or you can easily create cards in Trello from Podio.

Google Calendar
Create your own calendar integration with a variety of actions, including creating Podio items from Google Calendar events.

Google Tasks
Send Google Task to your Podio task list or vice versa.

Google Contacts
Bring your Google Contacts into Podio to easily reference them on CRM apps, with the ability to select specific groups to add to your Podio account.

Automatically create an item on Podio when a Gmail is received, trigger an Gmail email when an action is complete on Podio and more.

Save Evernote notes to Podio by creating app items from notes, or create notes for Evernote from Podio.

These increase the value and utility of Podio enormously, and this doesn’t have to be the end, since new apps are coming online at Zapier all the time.

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