New images hint that there could be liquid water flowing on Mars


Images sent back to Earth by NASA’s Mars orbiters show a curious feature: long black lines that scientists believe could have been created by flowing liquid water. While Mars is too cold for the fresh and salt water that fills Earth’s oceans and lakes, water on Mars could contain chemicals that act as an antifreeze, allowing it to stay liquid. Scientists have noticed that the flows happen seasonally. It’s possible that there is no water involved at all, but they aren’t yet sure how that could be explained.

NASA Mars water flow



Why is there something rather than nothing?

If, from our repeated and uniform experience, whatever BEGINS to exist has a cause, and, according to both science (big bang cosmology and cosmic background radiation) and philosophy (an infinite number of things or events is not possible), our universe had a finite past and therefore had a beginning (it began to exist), then what is the cause of the universe?

If the universe consists of space, time, energy, and laws, and also happens to contain at least one laboratory capable of sustaining intelligent life, and also contains evidence of sequence specific and complex information (DNA, RNA, proteins, etc), then what is the cause of such space, time, energy and laws?

It must be not bounded by space (or else space would have already existed). Spaceless. Likewise, not bounded by time. Timeless/eternal. Not bounded by energy. Not bounded by law. But must transcend these things and be the creator of such things.

It seems this explanation is blurring along the same lines that religions have been claiming to be true for centuries. That’s quite a coincidence…


No. Ulises (above) is entitled to comment regarding the universe and cosmos, as such, and so am I.

Maybe I should preface my comment with this:
Regarding the universe:
Why is there something rather than nothing? …


Then, perhaps, is there fossils on Mars or life expressions elsewhere? But, isn’t the emergence and maintenance of life a process of radical contingency? That is, is a unique and unrepeatable past totally necessary? Or does life emerge through space like mushrooms when some conditions are present? So, how many conditions are necessary: three, four, trillions, infinite? Only one, water or any sort of God? Is God the word that means infinite conditions, absolute necessity? Anyway, how did the life that emerge in a given conditions resist when switching to a different moment? How does life resist time itself, the effects of entropy? But, is it possible for human beings to recognise a simpler life than their own brain only? On the other hand, beyond likeness, is it possible to recognise a complex life than their brain, is this the extra-terrestrial life that some people are searching unsuccessfully? However, is there an origin of life or would it be as finding a cut in the material history of the universe, an infinite void that human language patches now? Along these lines, there is a peculiar book, a short preview in Just another suggestion, far away from dogmas or axioms.

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