BlackBerry’s BBN head leaves company


Yesterday, BlackBerry announced that Andrew Bocking, executive vice president and head of the messenger service, has left the company. This was first reported by Boy Genius Report.

This is just the newest chip to fall in CEO John Chen’s efforts to reorganize and recalibrate BlackBerry since he joined the company in late 2013, and has removed a long list of executives, including Kristian Tear, the chief operating officer,  Frank Boulben, the chief marketing officer,  the chief financial officer, Brian Bidulka, and Roger Martin, a board member for six years (see Blackberry’s Chen is pushing hard to turn the company around).

The messenger service is being folded into the enterprise services group, headed by John Sims,  who led mobile products at SAP. Chen continues to sharpen the focus of the company on the enterprise, moving away from the recent consumer push that Bocking had initiated.

In other news, there are more rumors about future hardware from BlackBerry: a octacore phone based on Qualcomm’s eight-core Snapdragon MSM8994 chipset, with a 64-bit architecture to reachs up-to-2.5GHz speeds per core. Sizzle.

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