Rackspace loosens its open source policy, the week in cloud

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Rackspace(s rax) has long had an open-source bent, but it was focused on the OpenStack cloud project it helped create. As of last week, the San Antonio, Texas-based hosting and cloud provider said its employees can contribute to any and all open source projects that have an “established open-source license.” Van Lindberg, Rackspace VP of intellectual property for the company, blogged about the decision here.

What this policy shift means is that “Rackers” can contribute even to projects that might compete with what Rackspace is doing. However, if they want to do so,  but corporate guidelines require that tell Rackspace why they’re going that route. Oh, and the work must be done on their own time.

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John Sun

Wow, in US companies can dictate what people are doing in their own unpaid time? Plus forbid some activities/ demand explanation for others?

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