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Viddler gets ready to delete personal videos

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Video podcasting pioneer turned commercial video platform provider Viddler is getting ready to rid itself of its roots: Viddler informed its users in an email this week that it will remove all personal accounts, and delete the videos associated with those accounts, by March 11.

From the email:

“In 2006, Viddler’s founding business model was based on the creation of a community site for video enthusiasts and personal sharing. At the time, our business revenue model was driven through advertising. As a Viddler community user, you were a part of this model. As time has passed Viddler is no longer able to support this offering and business model.”

Legacy Viddler users are invited to either get a paid account, which will cost them $25 per month, or download their videos before March 11. I have asked Viddler how many users are going to be affected by that step, but have yet to hear back.

In a subsequent blog post, the company went on to stress that it isn’t in financial troubles:

“Viddler is alive and well (we are not closing).”

Viddler started out as one of a number of YouTube-like sites focused on personal video blogging in 2006, and incorporated in 2007. But the site gradually changed focus to become a video platform for paying customers in the following years, and in fact hasn’t allowed any new personal accounts since 2011.

Viddler hasn’t been the only company that has been cleaning up its archives, and in turn getting rid of some early video blogging history. Blip deleted numerous videos from smaller publishers last December. Back then, a group of archivists that calls themselves the Archive Team tried to save some 228,000 videos and transfer them to the internet archive, but the group apparently fell short of its goal and was only able to save about 10 percent.

4 Responses to “Viddler gets ready to delete personal videos”

  1. Viddler didn’t notify me either and the first I found out about it was when my videos were deleted. I might have considered upgrading to a paid account if their customer service wasn’t so terrible! You don’t compete by treating existing customers this badly.

  2. David V

    Viddler didn’t even notify me by e-ail that it was doing this. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE… All my videos have been deleted as well as access to my account… . I would have considered being a paying customer, but not now…. POS

  3. Hi

    Can you make compromise between Viddler and old users?
    I have idea in my mind which wills satisfacted both sides
    What you mean to stay alive all old accounts, and old urls, but to remove videos if you have problem with bandwidth usage but to stay alive
    Titles, Descriptions, Tags for all old videos
    In this way you don’t over use bandwidth for videos and users will continue to received surfers from old Viddler video links urls
    And if someone decide later to pay for your service will upload old videos again within Titles, Descriptions, Tags
    What you mean, please think about it
    The link Viddler send to me for mass upload is usseles for me because I still have Windows XP and this program works only with vista and W7

    Kind Regards

  4. Thanks for the great article, Janko. It has been a time of historical reflection with plenty of emotions here at Viddler. This change will allow us to provide even more focus on our paying customers, and eliminate a lot of unused data from our system.

    To answer your question, we have around 500,000 personal accounts in our system. Please understand that 99% of those are spam or never had videos on them. There’s a very small list of active users which we’re working with to provide them with their files.

    Thanks again,
    Derek Steen
    Happiness Ambassador at Viddler (and user since 2007)