R.I.P. LinkedIn Intro and Slidecast

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Almost as quickly as it arrived, LinkedIn’s Intro is gone: In a blog post Friday, the company announced that the iOS mail product, as well as presentation service Slidecast, will be shut down in the coming months.

Intro will be phased out on March 7, while Slidecast will shut down by the end of April. In addition, the company will cease support for the LinkedIn (s LNKD) iPad (s AAPL) app on iOS versions older than 6.0 in two weeks.

Intro came under fire from security critics soon after launch, due to the fact that users’ email needed to run through a LinkedIn server in order to skim information for the service. LinkedIn responded with assurance that the Intro server system was isolated and more secure its other product servers and commitment to the company’s privacy policy, but the service never really took off.

LinkedIn’s message of “focus” and “commitment” toward fewer products echoes statements from CEO Jeff Weiner in yesterday’s Q4 earnings report, which also announced LinkedIn’s acquisition of data insights firm Bright. Weiner said that moving into 2014, LinkedIn will focus on its Talent Solutions sector, which focuses on selling companies products that help them recruit on LinkedIn. hopefully increasing the return on investment for recruiters hunting for new hires on the platform while also making job-seeking more efficient for users. Neither Intro nor Slidecast fits with that mission, which may have led to their demise.

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Considering that their Android app collected all of my contact information from my phone, uploaded it to their hosts and then used it drive engagement…yeah, I don’t think I will be trusting with deep access to anything again.

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