More evidence that emerging markets are fertile ground for HTML5

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Nick Heath of ZDNet picks up on a VisionMobile report this week that finds HTML5 is making big strides with developers in emerging markets. In its latest survey of more than 7,000 developers across 127 countries, VisionMobile found that Android was the most popular ecosystem to develop for in every region in the first quarter of 2014, favored by 71 percent of coders, and iOS was an unsurprising close second in North America and Western Europe.

HTML5 topped iOS in developer mindshare in a few key emerging markets, however. It was the second-most used platform in South America (where 61 percent of developers are building HTML5 apps), South Asia (62 percent) and the Middle East and Africa (50 percent). And in East Asia, 58 percent of developers are building HTML5 apps, just one percent behind iOS.

Apple’s iOS remains the top mobile platform in terms of developer revenues, VisionMobile‘s survey found, and it’s worth noting that the report includes hybrid apps — the kind that place a native wrapper around web-based software — under the HTML5 category. But HTML5 continues to gain ground among developers in some of the most promising mobile markets in the world, including China and India. Those regions will see enormous growth in the coming years as 3G networks are built out and 4G networks begin to come online, fueling the growth of handset sales. Which is I think there are still opportunities for HTML5-based platforms like Firefox OS to have an impact on the global landscape, as I wrote last week.