Upcoming Gigaom event: check out fast supercooled computers at Structure Data


You might have seen him on PBS’ Nova show last fall, and now you’ll have a chance to meet D-Wave CEO Vern Brownell up close and personal. Vern will be talking about a quantum computer next month at Structure Data: the fastest computer ever invented and one that operates at supercooled temperatures. We all know that our modern digital computers use binary arithmetic for their calculations, but what distinguishes a quantum computer is that it is able to use both on and off states and switch between them  quickly. For those of us who have grown up in what is now being called the “classical” digital world, it’s pretty mind-boggling.

At Structure Data this March, Vern will discuss how quantum computing could open doors to an entirely new, energy-efficient level of computing power, changing what’s possible for data analysts. Prior to D-Wave, Vern was CTO at Goldman Sachs and held other management positions at Stratus Computer and DEC.

Moore’s law and data centers are reaching their limits in terms of scale and energy consumption. Quantum computing represents a new way for businesses to solve their most challenging problems, and it has real potential to solve currently unsolvable big data problems without increasing energy consumption.

Click here to see the full speaker lineup and join us next month as we examine how big data is driving business success.

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–Clare Ryan

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