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Where to watch the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics live online

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The Olympic Winter Games are about to start in Sochi, Russia, and once again, the internet is the place to turn to if you want to watch the competition unfold in real-time, as opposed to the hour-long tape-delay in place on broadcast and cable TV. And this time, NBC is promising to stream everything: All competitions across all 15 sports, totaling more than 1,000 hours of live coverage.

There’s only one catch: Just like two years ago for the London Summer Olympics, NBC is once again requiring users to authenticate, meaning that live streams will only be available to viewers who subscribe to cable or satellite TV. Read on to learn how that works and how you actually watch anything once you’re authenticated:


This year, NBC is offering multiple ways to authenticate yourself and get access to all the live streaming goodness:

Signing in. The most reliable way to get going is to sign in with the username and password you use to log into your TV provider’s account at or within NBC’s mobile app. Just enter that information, and you’re good to go. You’ll have to repeat this step for every device you want to use to watch the games.

Auto-authentication. Comcast, Cox, Cablevision and Midcontinent customers should be able to start watching even without the need to find their password as long as they access the live streams from within their own homes, thanks to an auto-authentication that is based on their cable modem’s IP addresses.

Temporary pass. Can’t find your online credentials right now? You’re in luck: NBC gives you 30 minutes of free viewing the first time you access the live streaming without requiring you to enter your password. On subsequent days, the broadcaster unfortunately cuts down the free viewing time to three minutes.

Live Streams

On the web. Once authenticated, you can head to to tune into the live stream of the competitions. The website will stream more than 1,000 hours of events coverage, plus some exclusive online-only shows, including a channel dubbed Gold Zone that will be live from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET every day starting on February 8. It will have highlights from many competitions — think of it as a kind of live “best-of” show, if you will. There’s also an online-only ice skating show dubbed Olympic Ice that will stream “on most days” at 5:30 p.m ET, according to NBC.

On iPads and iPhones. iOS users can access live streams of all the competitions and the aforementioned online-exclusive shows through the NBC Sports Live Extra app, which is available for free, but requires the aforementioned authentication – so get your pay TV credentials ready.

On Android. Users of Android phones and tablets can access all the live streaming goodness after downloading the NBC Sports Live Extra app from Google Play — and authenticating.

Image of Olympic rings courtesy of (CC-BY-SA) Flickr user  davehighbury.

33 Responses to “Where to watch the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics live online”

  1. BOOOOOOOOOOO! NBC You are disgusting!!!! The corporate ceo should be ashamed. I hardly want to watch the Olympics anyway seeing how it’s in communist Russia. And how America has bowed down to kiss that regimes feet. This is soooo UNAmerican it’s sad NBC I hope all of you go to hell.

  2. Brett Losey

    This should be illegal. NBC is censoring what we can watch. The IOC has a web page available to watch everything, but in the US; NBC has blocked access to these websites. I don’t see how this is not illegal.

  3. Walter Cooper

    Forget these smart media people who somehow make things miserable..
    There are plenty of sites that are offering online live streaming of Sochi Winter Olympics. those blocked, can be accessed using a good VPN service like HideMyAss or PureVPN.. However, if flawless streaming of Winter Olympics is what anyone looking for just like me, then i’d say using a virtual desktop is the best solution.. much much better than a VPN..
    It boosts up your existing internet speed and offers an amazingly fast streaming experience.. no lagging or buffering thing involved..

  4. NBC has the mysterious financial backing and always won the Olympic coverage rights, but then also always screw up the coverage, because they are ran by incompetent and greedy people, hence the majority of common folks in America could not watch anything anymore. I subscribe to Time warner and yet I could not access the streaming. NBC website is nothing but ads and self glorification and snapshots, no professional reporting. Example I tried to see the full video of the first gold medal and by an American, yet nowhere available. I tried to wach it from other stations in Europe and asia and blocked into the USA. how could that be? Because NBC is in the same gang as our portals and spies , they can control what you watch. Big brother is watching, if you still do not understand that….

  5. Comcast Basic subscribers with NBC are SOL. What is not being said anywhere in any of the articles or promos about cable subscribers having access to the NBC streams online is that this is NOT available to all cable subscribers with NBC. For Comcast you must have a “Digital Starter” or above. That’s a $60+ a month package. REALLY???? What a raw deal.

  6. Ben Everett

    I’ve been looking forward to these Olympics for months now, I’ve had a count down and everything. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that I don’t even have a way to watch the Olympics because I, as a college student, can’t even have a cable provider as a dorm rule. At the very least they could have had an Olympic viewing option to pay, similar to the pay per view method they already have in place. I’m more than a little peeved that I’m not able to watch the sporting event that I’ve been looking forward to for so long.

  7. Cable Rejector

    NBC is reinforcing the idea that the Olympics are meant only as entertainment for the wealthy. Can’t afford, or choose not to enslave yourself to a cable company? Sorry, but you’re out of luck. They still show commercials, so why not expand the audience to that portion of the population that is not currently being reached by these advertisers?

  8. Can we be clear? THERE IS NO LIVE STREAMING ALLOWED FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS UNILESS YOU HAVE A TELEVISION cable or maybe satellite SUBSCRIPTION, SO IT IS PRACTICALLY USELESS, THE LIVE JUNK IS JUST EXTRA AT THAT POINT. NO LIVE STREAM UNLESS YOU ARE A tv SUBSCRIBER,,,,,,CAN WE GET THIS RIGHT? The partial LIVE, is also only partial because it then asks you for your Television Subscription. The only LIVE you will get is 30 minutes! CAN NBC AND EVERYONE QUIT saying we can do this, because you cannot~~It is misadvertised, and I just don’t wish to watch NBC for any reason this year because of this hype. I have an Internet subscription which should have been good enough.

  9. Miss Bird

    No t.v in my house either, give me commercials, I’m ok with that. Will never have a t.v.. and it’s too bad NBC isn’t streaming, guess I’ll have to go down to the local bar or eatery and spend my money on spirits, ect to watch the olympics.

  10. Jeff Chapman

    I would have paid to see the Olympics online, but they don’t even offer it at NBC, wtf, they totally missed out on a huge revenue stream . I like many others don’t have or want cable or satellite tv. Pay per view ….maybe?

  11. If NBC wants to play something like “Portible Cooktop” at 5:51am when they clearly stated that they’d start Olympic coverage at 3:00 am on Saturday morning then they damn well better allow me access to the games online, Which they are not. I purchase phone and internet both through Cox, I watch my TV through a standard tree antenna mounted on my chimney. But even though I pay $85.00 to my cable provider per month I’m going to miss the most of the most important sports event on this planet that only happens every 2 years. If you’re not going to broadcast it on national TV and would rather play useless shows late at night instead, I hope NBC goes bankrupt, absolutely bankrupt. We cant all live on reruns of the opening ceremonies.

  12. Legacy media at its best. I do applaud NBC for streaming all the events. Would that they had extended their capabilities. I am not a TV watcher, and I could gladly have paid to have the Olympics streaming. I remember when I was a child what a big deal it was to see the Grenoble Olympics live via satellite. Seems to me that the legacy executives missed the chance to do something similar this time around (even though it still would have been late).

  13. hundoman

    There are plenty of sites to watch the whole thing streaming for FREE just like you can for all the rest of your sports needs and I am not talking about atdhe either.

    You have to love the Europeans and there lack of regulatory enforcement of people streaming their setup boxes.

  14. PattySmith

    My satellite provider is amongst NBC’s list, and I’ve been “verified” as a user, but once in the site, I can’t find where the live links are to the Olympics!
    There are lots of links to highlights, replays, and behind the scenes stuff, but NO WHERE that just offers live links to all the different events.
    Anybody else finding this? (or not finding this, as the case may be).

  15. Really, really smart for NBC! (thumbs down)
    I for one would like to watch as much Winter Olympics as possible, but I don’t have and very possibly never subscribe to any cable or satellite TV as a protest to not only is it over-priced, but it has commercials as well. And that’s double revenues for them, yet it’s still over-priced. I have never been suckered into it, and I’ll be damn if I start paying for a commercial filled TV programming. And by the way, majority of the channels are crappy.
    I guess I’ll have to find other means of source. I won’t die if I miss some or most of the events anyway, right? Riiiight… :D I’ll spend more time on Cozi, Movies!, This, Antenna, Get and etc.. TV Channels then. They’re totally free over-the-air. My digital antenna is free too. I made it myself from hanger wires. It gets more than 60 channels in New York.
    Boo to NBC, yipee to internet, someone else may stream it online. :D

    • I would pay $80 for an all access pass to watch the Olympics just to avoid monopolized cable providers. Don’t have them and never plan on it. Pay minimum $40/month and STILL have to put up with commercials. Now who’s smoking dope??