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Ford’s data scientist: Keep all the data and sort it out later

Remember that time in Boca when you were stuck behind somebody’s grandfather and you realize he’s been signaling for a left turn … for the last 50 miles?  Ford(s f) is using data to design cars that nip that problem — and many more serious issues — in the bud. This week, Ford Data Scientist Mike Cavaretta,  talks about just how important all that social media output along with machine data could be to drive (ha!) the design and production of better cars. Oh, and sell more of them. As we enter the connected car era, the importance of accurate, actionable data will only get more critical.

But first Derrick Harris and I opine on Microsoft’s selection of Satya Nadella as its third-ever CEO. Hey, why not us? The choice augers well for a company that needs to look beyond Windows and Office to the future. We also touch on the data trove that is Twitter and Tableau’s  outrageous quarter. So, now on with the show!


Hosts: Barb Darrow and Derrick Harris

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