Chrome Show: Chromecast SDK launches alongside a new Chromebox

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Google finally released the Chromecast SDK and we talk about what apps might be coming down the pike as a result. There’s also a new Chromebox coming soon: Look for Asus to sell one for as low as $179. And Google Now quickly makes its way to the Chrome Beta channel while Lenovo has a new Chromebook that doubles as a tablet.

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Hosts: Janko Roettgers and Kevin Tofel

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The Chromecast SDK is here!

A Correction from last show.

Finally, there’s a new Chromebox on the market!

Pinch to zoom in Chrome for Windows finally arrives in Chrome Canary

Yes, you can Chromecast a tab or web page while your Chromebook is closed; at least on the Dev channel.

Google Now comes to Chrome / Chrome OS beta

With a big education push for Chromebooks, Lenovo launches a convertible device: the Yoga 11e. We’re getting closer to a Chrome tablet!

App / Extension of the week: Pixlr Touch Up


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