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Apple is reportedly building out its own content delivery network

Apple(s aapl), which to date has relied on third-party content delivery networks (CDNs) to deliver rich media and software to consumers, is now building out its own CDN capability, according to Dan Rayburn, a long-time CDN expert and EVP of Streaming Media. Apple has used its own CDN capabilities internally, but if this report is true, at least some iTunes video content and OS X updates will start flowing through Apple’s own infrastructure. That could ding CDN providers like Akamai(s akam) and Level3(S lvlt).

2 Responses to “Apple is reportedly building out its own content delivery network”

  1. Dan Rayburn

    Hi Barb, I didn’t say that “all” the content from iTunes will go through Apple’s own infrastructure as it is still unknown what percentage they will bring in house, over what period of time and in what regions. They are plenty of reasons why it would not make sense for them to handle 100% of everything, everywhere in the world, for every device. So CDNs like Akamai and Level 3 will always be relied on by Apple, Netflix, Microsoft and the other big players.

    Microsoft is a good example. They brought a lot of their content delivery in-house, but still rely on third party CDNs for regions where is does not make sense for them to build out, is too expensive, or in places where they would have to spend too much to get better performance than they could get from a commercial CDN already in that region.