Tomfoolery has been acquired by Yahoo

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It comes as only a small surprise to see that Kakul Srivastava and her band of Tomfoolerians are going to be Yahooligans, now.

Screenshot 2014-02-02 10.32.42

Kakul was once the general manager of Flickr, perhaps the best known and most successful social product the company has ever had, so the only surprise is that Marissa Mayer took so long to pull Kakul back into the company.

As you can see in the email, Tomfoolery’s Anchor product — and Action beta — are being shut down, although I will have to ask her if the code base is being redirected to some other project.

I interviewed Kakul for the New Visionaries series, and among other things she said this:

Turning purpose into meaning, and our intentions into action is what social tools can most effectively help us do.

I wish them well, and I am sure the Yahoo’s collective work tech IQ just went up a few dozen points.