The next step in Google’s Chrome strategy: Web apps in app stores

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All of the pieces of Google’s Chrome strategy are coming together. As the Chrome(s goog) browser becomes both a platform and framework to run atop other desktop systems, Chrome web apps are headed to mobile devices and traditional computers. Google introduced tools this week to help developers wrap up their web apps so that they appear like native apps.

On this week’s Chrome Show podcast we discuss how that’s going to work and what it means. We also discovered that some Chromebooks now get free 4G for the life of the device, although it’s just a meager 200 MB of data; enough to get by in a pinch. And our extension of the week can help you root out other extensions that are feeding ads or tracking your data when they shouldn’t be. Tune in below or download the podcast here.


1 Comment

Domenick Cilea

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