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The FCC will let AT&T attempt to shutter its landline networks

The FCC approved an order today that will let telcos experiment with shutting down their old-school analog networks in favor or running IP-based networks. As he said in an interview with me Tuesday FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler notes that these shut downs are trials and the FCC is watching them closely to ensure consumers don’t suffer. For more on the topic check out this post or this one.

One Response to “The FCC will let AT&T attempt to shutter its landline networks”

  1. hundoman

    Uh ok but what about all the life safety systems that require analog hard wired phones lines like elevators, fire alarms and other devices. I don’t think municipal governments are going to change their building codes anytime in the near term and this would cost so much money to rip and replace.

    Also in a storm or emergency nothing is better than having a land which has a very good chance of working compared to any IP based options.