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CloudLock locks up $16.5M to add staff and expand its SaaS security effort

CloudLock which, among other things, adds PCI compliance to Google Drive and secure Google Apps, now has $16.5 million in new Series C funding to staff up from its current 52 people, and expand into new markets.

Waltham, Mass.-based CloudLock sees huge opportunity in helping enterprises secure the huge amounts of data that no longer resides in-house but in third-party SaaS applications and is accessed by phones as well as computers.

Yep, the SaaS security gold rush is on. In the past week alone, startup Adallom got $15 million in new funding; Skyfence Networks announced its inaugural product aimed at preventing traffic hijacking; and Skyhigh Networks launched a certification program that rates SaaS products security bonafides using Cloud Security Alliance criteria.

CloudLock’s Series C round brings the two-year-old company’s total funding to $28.2 million.

CloudLock team (circa 2013)
CloudLock team (circa 2013)