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Chrome Show: How to cloud print and get free 4G for life on a Chromebook

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We’ve got a new co-host who just bought his first Chromebook(s goog) and is an active Chromecast follower. Say hello to Janko!

Also in this show we tackle a common question on how to print with a Chromebook and talk about the newest features in the Chrome OS Camera app. There’s more news about Chrome apps coming to other platforms too as Google has released the first batch of tools to make that happen.

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Hosts: Janko Roettgers and Kevin Tofel

Hey, who is this Janko guy?

Whoa: The HP Chromebook 14 gets free 4G for life of the device

Chrome OS camera app gets some new tricks

Question from Neal F. Fischer: How the heck do I print from a Chromebook?

Bonus: Here’s a list of Google Cloud Print devices

Fun, fun, fun: You can build LEGO models in Chrome with a new Chrome experiment

Chrome apps are coming to the Mac(s aapl) and Android as native apps

Extension of the week: Extension Defender (Thanks, William Bottoms!)


3 Responses to “Chrome Show: How to cloud print and get free 4G for life on a Chromebook”

  1. joemarini

    Hey Kevin – just a quick correction, you don’t need to have the Chrome framework on mobile devices to run Cordova-based apps. Cordova uses whatever the native Web control of the mobile device is.

  2. Sorry to hear Chris has left, but I really enjoyed having Janko as the host and I think he will be great for the show. Welcome Janko!

    In terms of Cloud Print, have you heard about the xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition? It will supposedly let you print to USB and network printers very easily. They have one for iOS devices too, and I know that works great, so the Cloud Print one might be a nice option for Chromebooks in enterprise or schools. Maybe Kevin could test one out and see how it works?

    More info here: (PS. You have to watch the video too. They have made a series of these and they are all very funny!)